My love for my work continues to inspire and push me. I am a team oriented artist, who can take a world from start to finish. I have a strong sense of design, and gameplay, and can incorporate unique scenarios into worlds. I have the ability to create with or without concept art, and to capture the mood, tones, and style of a world.I’m a problem solver, and a work horse, production is my game. My goal, is that everything that leaves my hands be of the highest standards. I lead through example, and strive to create a fun and conducive work environment. My work ethic is top notch, and pushes others. I’m a strong asset no matter what the job requires.


CURRENT SOFTWARE :  3DS Max 2014,  Zbrush 4R6 ,  Photoshop CS6 ,  Maya , Mari, UDK, Perforce,  Xnormal,

2000–Present SONY Bend, OR
Senior Staff Artist
Syphon Filter 3 (PS1) , Syphon Filter: Omegastrain (PS2), SF Dark Mirror (PSP/PS2), SF Logan’s Shadow (PSP), Combat Ops (PSP), Resistance : Retribution (PSP), Uncharted Golden Abyss

  • I was in charge of the level layout team, and responsible for the base creation of all worlds. I was encouraged to incorporate any design ideas of my own, as I went. After layout, I polished several levels to finish.
  • I was directly responsible for the creation of a Hi poly 3DS max class for artists. We each did personal projects, and shared our techniques, shortcuts etc. It was a great learning tool.
  • I was directly responsible for the creation of 3DS max classes for Designers. I thought this would further empower design, and remove any small art road blocks down the road.
  • Emergency Response Training 2002, 2007
  • Sony Management Training 2003

1999-2000 Electronic Arts – Tiburon Maitland, FL
Computer Graphic Artist

  • Responsible for game items (injury cart, goal posts, gator aid table, camera cranes etc), playing fields for every different stadium and grass type, winter and summer versions for multiple platforms.
  • When time would allow, worked with their in house tool to create interfaces.

1999 Freelance Artist Hillsboro, OR

  • Created architectural and medical models and animations

1997–99 Aramat Productions Wilsonville, OR
Environment Artist

  • Created high poly environments for pre rendered backgrounds, for Dead Unity, and Decopolis (PS1)

1995-1996 Magnet Interactive Studios Georgetown, MD
Junior Artist

  • Level designer, created bitmaps and animations for Hell Raiser (PC)

1995 Avalon Hill Game Company Baltimore, MD

  • Created animations and art for Advanced Civilizations (PC)

1991-1995 Montgomery College Rockville, MD
1990 Edison Career Center –Photography